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The magic in all our muslins is in the patterns. Designed with science to captivate and mesmerise your baby, help support their developing vision and give you a few moments of calm from birth up to (and even beyond) their first birthday.

But if you want to know which size muslins you need for your baby, as a gift, or even if you're getting prepared for the birth of your new baby - take a look at the size guide below and ideas of how to use each size to best effect.

sensory baby muslin size guide 


Let's start with our best-sellers, the sensory muslin 3-packs. These handy muslins are our smallest size at 60x60cm, but they're not that small at all!
Ideal for throwing over your shoulder when burping, popping in your change bag, under the buggy, next to the cot... you get the idea! And with three in the pack, you can have one in the wash, one over your shoulder and still one spare.
As the patterns deliver sensory calm too, they are multi-tasking marvels that make a perfect gift for new parents. 
Our 2-packs are our mid-sized muslins at a super handy 80x80cm. They include one monochrome muslin, expertly scaled for 0-4 months, and one colourful muslin that supports baby vision from 5 months onwards.
These muslins are ideal as a feeding cover (with the patterns helping to captivate babies for more focused feeding), as a lightweight blanket, or to pop over a play mat for happier tummy time, while your baby pushes up to see more of the patterns. You can even secure them to your car seat to help to mesmerise your baby for calmer car journeys.
Versatile, hard-working and long-lasting for babies' whole first years visual development - what's not to like? 
This huge, 120x120cm muslin has so many uses. Of course, it does everything you'd expect a muslin should do, but being so large it's ideal as a summer blanket, for taking on holiday and using as a sun shade (I still take these on holiday with me), for tummy time and as a feeding cover if you want privacy. 
Being so large, there are some great hacks that you can use it for thanks to the sensory patterns - for example, hang it over the bath so your baby is captivated while you grab a shower, or hang it safely over the side of a kitchen cupboard while baby is in their bouncer so you can make lunch or a drink.  
The XL muslin is a new parent essential (in our opinion!).
So there you have it. Ultimately you can't go wrong whichever size you go for, but hopefully the above guide has got you thinking about which size muslin you'll get the most use out of.
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