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Bath time is not only needed to keep our tiny humans clean, it also offers a wonderful sensory experience for them – engaging their senses and supporting their brain development whilst they enjoy the sights, smells & touch of bath time.


Touch is a particularly important part of bath time, as research has shown that touch reduces our blood pressure and heart rate, calming us. There are many opportunities to help baby learn through touch and tactile experience at bath time – be it our touch as we wash and dry them, the feel of a flannel on their skin, the circular motion of washing their hair, the feel of water being poured over their legs and toes. It’s very much about finding out what your baby enjoys and building from this start point to help them feel relaxed and happy in the bath. 

Babies also learn through play, so bath time can be play time too - using bath toys and household items like plastic cups to help your baby enjoy being in the water and seeing it as an extension of their daily playtime.

Bath time can also help babies to sleep more soundly at night too, much like a warm bath or shower just before bedtime can help us sleep better (if only it were that simple though eh!) Many of our customers have told us that they incorporate a bath into their babies bedtime routine as they can see the positive impact it has in relaxing them and also signalling that it’s almost time for bed.

But of course not all bath times are splashing and cute giggles. Etta was a happy bather but her younger sister Uma was more reluctant, so here are some of my top tips to make bath time more enjoyable all round:


  • Pick a time that works for baby – bath time doesn’t have to be part of the bedtime routine so if this is when baby is more fractious build it into a happier part of the day
  • Use a variety of ways to get your baby used to the feel of water on their body and head – using wet flannels or even muslins to cover the skin that is out of the water can keep them warm and happy, pouring water gently onto their head to help them get used to having water on their face.
  • Try and make the bathroom warm too where possible, as it’s often the transition from the warm bath to the cold air that, let’s face it, no one is a fan of.
  • Add music – whatever you fancy to add that additional layer of fun to bath time – from calming classical to what Etta loved – Bieber Bath time (yes that is Justin Bieber on repeat) - make bath time something that everyone looks forward to.
  • Get everything you need ready for when baby is finished in the bath – a towel on a warm radiator and their nappy and outfit laid out on the bed or changing table can save a lot of fussing at the end of a nice bath.


And finally, our new bath toys have been designed to further engage babies’ senses at bath time, as their fun shapes, high contrast and raised ridges and bumps will engage even the smallest of bathers. Take a look here.

Happy splashing!

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